WHOA! Donald Trump Just Made A SHOCKING Prediction…Democrats Are FREAKING OUT!

With this week’s State Department report along with the exhausting cavalcade of scandals and controversies swirling around Hillary Clinton, it shouldn’t be a surprise that many are wondering about a “Plan B”.

Bernie Sanders obviously thinks that he is that plan. The only way to explain him staying in the race is that each night before bed he prays to God that Hillary is indicted before the convention.

Even if that were to happen, most observers agree that there would be incredible pressure on the delegates not to support the grumpy old commie, but to turn to a fresh face.

Donald Trump thinks he knows who, as reported by Breitbart…

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump suggested the Democrats are going to slip Vice President Joe Biden in as the Democrat’s nominee if Hillary Clinton isn’t able to run because of her email scandal.

“She had a little bad news today from some reports [that] came down that weren’t so good,” Trump told more than 3,000 of his supporters at his campaign rally Wednesday afternoon at the Anaheim, California at the Convention Center. “Inspector General’s report — not good.”

Trump was referencing an Inspector General (IG) report, which concluded that Clinton “failed to seek legal approval for her use of a private email server and that department staff would not have given its blessing because of the ‘security risks in doing so,’” according to The Washington Post.

“I want to run against Hillary,” Trump told the audience. “It could be, we’re going to run against ‘Crazy Bernie.’” (…)

“I hear they’re actually going to slip Joe Biden in” to take Bernie’s place, Trump declared.

Trump previously said he thought he may face Biden in the general election in an interview last August.

If such a thing happens — and Ann Coulter is among those half-seriously suggesting it might — then Americans will see a Democratic Party in a complete meltdown. How could anyone but a die-hard Democrat vote for any candidate in a party in that much disarray?

Joe Biden doesn’t have as much scandalous “baggage” as Clinton. He’s also a much more sympathetic figure, given his history of personal tragedy.

However, Trump could easily portray the Vice President as an unpredictable dimwit, too flaky to be trusted in the Oval Office. Democrats never stopped talking about how “stupid” and embarrassing George W. Bush was, but Biden makes Bush look like a genius.

Forcing liberals to justify their support for Biden would at least be entertaining.

Credit: Breitbart.com

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