It’s HAPPENING! Trump Just Took Lead in BLUE State…No One Expected THIS!

The Clinton campaign collapse continues unabated.

As Donald Trump and Mike Pence campaign in places like New Mexico, Michigan and other states once considered safe for Clinton, a new poll from another state considered leaning Democrat is rocking the race!

New Hampshire hasn’t been won by a Republican presidential candidate in 28 years, but Donald Trump now appears poised to break that streak!

A new InsideSources-NH Journal Poll is rocking the race and has left Democrats STUNNED!

In the poll conducted October 26-28, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a 1.7 point advantage over former U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, with 42.9 percent favoring her versus 44.6 percent for her Republican opponent in a five-way race.

If Trump can pick off New Hampshire, his path to 270 electoral votes gets a lot easier!

Source: Inside Sources

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