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Liberals Went Berzerk When President Trump Kept His STANDOUT Campaign Promise ✮ Patriot Journal
By Faith Braverman|April 5, 2017

Our President is unlike any we have had before in that he is independently and obscenely wealthy. This fact attracted many Americans to Trump, tiring of presidents who had accomplished nothing in the private sector.

The allure of wealth and influence is not what caused Trump to run for president. He already had that in his role as a successful real estate tycoon, and his disregard for the trappings of political celebrity is refreshing after 8 years of Obama’s constant self-aggrandizing.

The perks of being president are many too be sure, and one is the $400,000 a year salary the commander-in-chief receives.

Trump vowed to not accept a salary if he won, but when he discovered it was impossible to not accept his salary, he chose to donate it. Now, with his first presidential paycheck, Trump has made good on that promise.

From The Washington Times:

Mr. Trump gave the $78,333 check, the amount cut by the Treasury for the pay period that began with the Jan. 20 inauguration, to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

“We’re going to dedicate it and put against the infrastructure on our nation’s battlefields,” said Mr. Zinke. “We’re excited about that opportunity.”

He noted that the 25 national battlefield were more than $100 million behind in maintenance.

At the daily press briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer praised the Park Service for its 100 years of service and said Mr. Trump was “personally proud” to help its mission.

Reallocating tax payer dollars to focus on infrastructure would normally be praised by liberals, but since it’s Trump, his actions are never enough for the perpetually whining left.

Liberal reporters harangued Spicer with accusations that the President has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars by visiting Mar-A-Lago.

There are several things wrong with this criticism.

  1. Donald Trump OWNS Mar-A-Lago
  2. They never cared when Obama took lavish golf trips.

Where was the media’s hyper-scrutiny of the president’s spending habits back when Obama was in office?

President Trump’s decision may not be lauded by the left, but fiscal conservatives are impressed and encouraged by this selfless act, and look forward to more to come.

Source: The Washington Times

Faith Braverman
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