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Trump Strikes Back! The Donald Kicks Biased Media Off Campaign…Righteous Retribution!
By PJ Editor|June 14, 2016

We all know that the mainstream media is in the can for Hillary Clinton, just as they have been in the can for every Democrat for as long as we can remember!

For years Republicans have acted like abused wives, dutifully accepting the beatings they are handed at the hands of the slanted media.

Well finally there is a Republican who isn’t putting up with it…Donald Trump.

Trump has repeatedly hit back on the media and shown that he won’t tolerate the BS that they have propagated for years. He has called out individual reporters and now he is targeting an entire news organization in the most powerful way possible.

Access is the bread and butter of media. Without it, they are just another spectator and their audience won’t stick around for that. Trump knows this and he just sent a profound message to ALL of the media with this bold move.

As reported by CNN…

Donald Trump said Monday that he is “revoking” the Washington Post’s press access at his campaign events, calling the newspaper “phony and dishonest.”

In a Facebook post, the presumptive GOP nominee attributed the decision to the newspaper’s “incredibly inaccurate coverage” of him.

Here’s to hoping that the media will start being fairer in their coverage. It is a thrill to have a Republican candidate actually standing up for himself instead of rolling over and taking his beating like all of the rest!

Source: CNN

PJ Editor
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