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Donald Trump Just Made A MASSIVE Move…Readies To CRUSH Hillary!
By PJ Editor|June 21, 2016

Leadership requires boldness. It also requires flexibility.

Donald Trump shocked the political world yesterday when he made a bold move that no one expected.

Campaign manager Corey Lewindowski, who helmed Trump’s massive primary victory, is out and former delegate director Paul Manafort is in.

Following the announcement, it also came to light that another top advisor, Michael Caputo, was also gone.

While the Democrats and the media have spun this as a campaign in chaos, Trump remains competitive in the polls and has shown precisely the leadership he has used to become a titan in business. The general election is a different beast than a primary and Trump just proved that he knows how to pivot and be agile to adjust to changing conditions, just what you would expect from a successful businessman!

The Hill has more…

Donald Trump fired his embattled campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, on Monday, effectively ending a damaging power struggle within his campaign that had worried Republicans — and even some Trump family members.

Trump cut ties with Lewandowski following a series of meetings between the campaign’s top hands and reportedly after Trump’s daughter Ivanka personally raised issues about the campaign manager with her father.

Lewandowski had jostled for influence with campaign chairman Paul Manafort, whose arrival to the Trump universe provoked immediate stories about tensions between the two.

The firing leaves Manafort clearly in charge of the campaign as Trump seeks to regain momentum.

Counter to the media’s spin, Lewandowski clearly understood the change and remains committed to the man that gave him the opportunity of a life time…

Lewandowski was gracious in his first interview after the departure with NBC News. 

“I don’t know if it’s so much of a surprise. I just want to say how honored I’ve been to be a part of this team,” he said. “I will support Donald Trump in any endeavor he has. If I can play a role in this campaign, either formal or informal, that would be an honor.”

Source: The Hill

PJ Editor
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