Wow — Trump Makes Reagan And Kennedy Proud…Leaves Democrats Reeling!

With the elections results confirmed by the Electoral College and much of the drama behind us, all eyes are on January 20. Eight years of tyranny and un-American policies will come to an end as outsider and businessman Donald Trump takes office as the 45th President of the United States.

Expectations are high for the event, as the entire world will be watching the business mogul get sworn in as our Commander in Chief.

Among the many memorable moments during the event will be Trump’s first remarks as President. Trump is known for his bold style, unapologetic rhetoric, and direct affirmations. Anything he says will inspire millions of Americans and perhaps upset politically correct liberals and precious snowflakes.

We are getting a few hints at what his speech will entail, from the man himself.

From The Washington Post:

President-elect Donald Trump privately told several visitors to his winter retreat in Florida on Wednesday that he is writing the first draft of his inaugural speech and is looking to presidents Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy for inspiration, according to three people familiar with the conversation.

Trump told them that Reagan’s “style” and Kennedy’s articulation of grand national ambitions are central to how he thinks through his own speech, which will be given Jan. 20, the people said.

And while Trump is working closely with Stephen Miller, his aide and speechwriter, on the text, he confided that in recent days he has become more personally involved in the writing process, the people said.

You can be sure that the millions of Americans who supported Trump during the election will be eager to hear his speech on Inauguration Day.

After months of support, crowding in packed out rallies, and enduring unwarranted insults, the American people deserve this. Trump supporters backed the man even when the media claimed he was guaranteed to fail. It seemed the entire world was against them, but they persevered.

And because of that, we have a conservative majority in Washington.

Trump’s speech will no doubt be aimed at uniting Americans, especially those that did not support him or still have misgivings about his leadership. Referencing both Reagan and Kennedy is a sign that he wants to bridge the gap between both parties, drawing on the example of two of our most respected and beloved leaders.

It will be the first of many remarks made by the new President and will perhaps set the tone of his administration. All I can say is, everyone will be eager to hear what he has to say.

Source: The Washington Post

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