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After Trump Meeting, China Makes EXPLOSIVE Reversal…Even Donald Is Smiling!
By Faith Braverman|May 1, 2017

World leaders appear to respect President Trump in a way that none of them respected Obama. It isn’t difficult to see why.

Obama exuded weakness while Trump exudes strength.

Trump’s greatest strength arguably is his ability to be a diplomat.

Even prior to his presidency, Trump was noted for his dealmaking abilities with those from other nations.

Now, his ability to cultivate strong relationships with world leaders is being used to America’s advantage.

Trump’s recently improved standing with Egypt’s leader al-Sissi was vital to freeing Aya Hijazi, an innocent American woman who was held in an Egyptian prison for three years.

Obama was unable to secure Hijazi’s release, as well as the release of another American prisoner in China in 2015.

But Trump has once again saved the day for these Americans abandoned by Obama.

From Western Journalism:

A Houston woman detained by China in 2015 arrived back in the United States on Friday after the Trump administration negotiated for her release.

Phan Phan-Gillis, also knows as Sandy Phan-Gillis, had been charged as a spy, a claim she and her family denied. Although the Obama administration protested that charge in 2015, she was held until this week.

Sandy’s family in Houston are overwhelmed with joy that President Trump has freed their loved one. The 59-year-old Texan was arrested in China while on a business trip to strengthen ties between China and the city of Houston.

The Chinese government accused her of being a spy, and for two years she was held as a prisoner while the Obama administration twiddled their thumbs.

Trump on the other hand has been working to boost U.S.-China relations since he won the presidency, and because of his efforts to do so, he has earned Jinping’s respect.

Thanks to the newfound admiration Trump has earned America on the world stage, families are being reunited and respect between nations is flourishing once more.

Source: Western Journalism

Faith Braverman
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