Donald Trump’s New Advisor Is AWESOME…The Left Is Going to LOSE ITS MIND!

Many conservatives who support Donald Trump have told their #nevertrump colleagues to be patient; to wait and see who he surrounds himself with before opposing him.

So far, the people Trump has tapped have been great. His latest pick is no exception.

Reuters has the story…

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has asked one of America’s most ardent drilling advocates and climate change skeptics to help him draft his energy policy.

U.S. Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota – a major oil drilling state – is writing a white paper on energy policy for the New York billionaire, Cramer and sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Cramer was also among a group of Trump advisers who recently met with lawmakers from western energy states, who hope Trump will open more federal land for drilling, a lawmaker who took part in the meeting said.

Trump knows that energy independence is essential to America’s security.

He also knows that the global warming cult is complete bunk. It’s nothing more than a bunch of radical leftists trying to make an excuse for government to take over the economy in the name of saving the planet from their made-up boogie man.

This pick proved that Trump knows exactly what matters to keeping the country safe and the economy humming.

This pick should help silence the nay-sayers.

Source: Reuters

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