BOOM: Trump Reports New Fundraising Numbers…Breaks His Own RECORD! – WOW

The good news just keeps rolling in for Donald Trump.

He’s beginning to lead in national polls, has overtaken Hillary in many swing state polls, has taken control of the media narrative (more like he’s blasted it to hell!) and everything is headed in his direction.

Add to the huge pile of August victories one more: Trump has been on an absolute tear with fundraising.

Politico reports the figures:

Together with his joint committees, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump raised $90 million in August, according to a CNN report.

Trump’s fundraising total represents a $10 million increase from his July total…

The Trump Train is building steam and even with a newer operation, Trump is holding his own far better than any of the pundits predicted.  And even while many are saying Clinton has raised more, the real story is that even with less money and an entire media dead set against him, giving free positive media coverage to Hillary, he’s arguably in a far better position than Hillary.  As important as his total haul is where it came from.

Despite its size relative to Clinton’s haul, Trump’s $90 million August is impressive given how recently the GOP nominee’s campaign has pulled together a fundraising operation. The Manhattan billionaire’s ability to raise money was a source of much skepticism early on in the campaign, but he has quickly ramped up his fundraising, assuaging some of those concerns.

A Trump campaign official told CNN that much of the $90 million in donations is expected to come from small donations, the result of the campaign’s decision to invest in digital fundraising tools.

Donald has the ear of the grassroots, and he has been willing to fund his own campaign and open his deep pockets to achieve victory.  Hillary’s donations, on the other hand, have poured in from lobbyists and other special interests, and even thought Bill and Hillary have made hundreds of millions of dollars off their political connections, you don’t hear Hillary contributing any of her own money.

Source: Politico

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