Donald Trump Just Offered Obama Some Friendly Advice…I Wonder If He Will Take It?

His fans call him “no drama Obama,” but once in a while, the president gets visibly perturbed in public. Too bad he so often picks the wrong target for his wrath.

Instead of being infuriated at the Muslim terrorist who murdered 49 people in Orlando, Obama directed his anger at Donald Trump. He was rattled by Trump’s insistence that he call “radical Islamic terrorism” “radical Islamic terrorism,” and condemned complaints about his own milder terminology as “yapping.”

He wasn’t the only one who noticed this, but naturally Trump couldn’t resist commenting on Fox & Friends:

“I watched President Obama today, and he was more angry at me than he was the shooter, and many people said that … One of the folks on television said, ‘boy has Trump gotten under his skin.’ But he was more angry … the level of anger, that’s the kind of anger he should have for the shooter and these killers that shouldn’t be here.” (…)

“He doesn’t get it or he gets it better than anybody understands — it’s one or the other and either one is unacceptable … People cannot, they cannot believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts and can’t even mention the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’ There’s something going on.”


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