BOOM – Trump On Pace To Set HISTORIC Record…Democrats In BLIND PANIC!

Democrats have courted the minority vote in the US for decades under the pretext that the Democrat party was the party for the poor, disenfranchised, non-whites who didn’t have the opportunities for jobs, education and advancement that whites have had.

That narrative has worked to keep the Democrats in power and the African-American community enslaved on the new Democrat controlled, big city “ghetto plantation” replacing the southern plantations of the old slavery era.

It looks like all that is about to change since the African-American community is waking up to the lie the Democrats have used all these many years to keep them in poverty and misery so they, in turn, will keep voting the Democrats into power!

In the past month, the support of the black community for Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has increased dramatically!

Rasmussen shows the trend:

At the beginning of October 9% of African Americans supported Trump.

The number doubled and has leveled off at 16% support for Donald Trump.

If Democrats lost 25% of the black vote they would lose Virginia, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.

Plainly, just by these numbers, we can see that the support for Trump by black voters has been steadily increasing and if Trump reaches 25% by November 8th, he’ll win in a landslide!

This is good news since it’s exactly what we want to happen!

Source: Gateway Pundit

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