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Breaking: Trump Executes GARGANTUAN Order For Energy Independence…Obama, Democrats Are Raging!
By Adam Casalino|May 2, 2017

Could there be a president more different than Obama than Donald Trump?

Time and again we’ve seen in his early days in office, President Trump overturning much of Obama’s work. It comes as a shock to the many trigger-haired, bleeding heart liberals out there, but it brings a sigh of relief to the millions of Americans who suffered under the last administration.

President Obama seemed to pass policy after policy that punished working Americans and hampered innovation and growth. His radical views on the environment empowered knee-jerk environmentalists and climate alarmists, but ignored the great damage they would bring to our economy.

President Trump, on the other hand, has vowed to both restore our economy and protect the environment. Believe it or not, both are possible. You just have to have a president with common sense and back bone.

After eight years of misery, we finally have that.

From Las Vegas Review Journal:

Working to dismantle his predecessor’s environmental legacy, President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order Friday that could lead to the expansion of drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans…

Trump will order his interior secretary to review an Obama-era plan that dictates which locations are open to offshore drilling, with the goal of the new administration to expand operations.

It’s part of Trump’s promise to unleash the nation’s energy reserves in an effort to reduce reliance on foreign oil and to spur jobs, regardless of fierce opposition from environmental activists who say offshore drilling harms whales, walruses and other wildlife and exacerbates global warming.

Even though our current energy needs put us under the thumb of greedy OPAC nations and foreign interests, environmentalists would rather harm our country in order to protect whales.

This warped prioritizing of animals over people seems to be a common theme among environmental liberals.

They somehow refuse to acknowledge the reality that we can protect the whales, while at the same time empowering the United States, providing jobs, and freeing us from foreign oil.

To the tiny brains of liberals, it’s one thing or the other.

But perhaps they don’t really care about the whales. More likely, the liberal environmental groups are just puppets for lobbyists and foreign interests who are looking to protect OPAC and other energy providers, who would take a hit if the United States actually provides its own oil.

But those villains are no longer calling the shots. In Trump we have a president that will empower the people first and look for new ways to provide American jobs and give us energy independence.

The whales will be just fine, but we will be better off.

Citing his department’s data, Zinke said the Interior Department oversees some 1.7 billion acres on the outer continental shelf, which contains an estimated 90 billion barrels of undiscovered oil and 327 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered natural gas. Under current restrictions, about 94 percent of that outer continental shelf is off-limits to drilling.

I mean seriously, can we really tolerate that kind of nonsense? Not anymore.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

Adam Casalino
Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal. Find his other work: www.talesofmaora.com
Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal. Find his other work: www.talesofmaora.com
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