Trump Picks His VP! (On Saturday Night Live…And It’s Hilarious) [WATCH]

As one of people’s favorite shows to watch at the weekend, Saturday Night Live has long been loved for its great humor and skits.

Last weekend they ran a hilarious sketch involving the nominee for the Republican Part, Donald Trump.

The skit involves Trump talking about people who could potentially fill the spot as his vice president.

In the scene, Chris Christie (who was played by Bobby Moynihan) shows a strong desire to be the person Trump chooses.

When they talk about the chances of Jeb Bush, they both start laughing animatedly.

Towards the end, Ben Carson appears and it looks like he has managed to win over Trump to become his vice president.

This is despite the fact that Carson doesn’t want the position. He is not the only one of the shortlist who doesn’t want to work with Trump. Check out the hilarious sketch for yourself and let us know what you think.

Source: Independent Journal

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