LATEST: Trump Poll STUNS After Corrupt Media Attacks…Washington Is FLOORED!

“Donald Trump is President Rocky.”

That’s one columnist’s verdict, and it’s hard to disagree. After a blissful “honeymoon” period of the very “winning” that Trump had promised on the campaign trail, the inevitable happened:

His enemies tried to undermine his presidency in every way possible, from sabotaging Michael Flynn to staging Soros-sponsored demonstrations.

Yet as seen in yesterday’s incredible press conference, Trump isn’t backing down. He calmly repeated his pledges to the American people on trade, border security and crime, then brushed off “concern troll” questions from the “very fake news” media in the room.

So what do Americans think of Trump’s performance in these early days?

A new Rasmussen Reports tracking poll released on February 16 shows that the president’s approval rating has jumped to 55 percent, with 38 percent expressing “strong approval.”

Here’s his overall approval:

And his Presidential Approval index is back in the positive at +2!

Data included in the same poll shows that “Nearly half (48 percent) also believe most reporters are biased against the president. Only 12 percent think they are biased for Trump…”

Columnist Derrick Wilburn offers one example of many that indicates why the public no longer trust the mainstream media:

New York Times writer Thomas Friedman said on CNN two days ago, “Russia hacked our election. That was a 9/11 scale event. …That was a Pearl Harbor scale event.”

A 9/11, where nearly 3,000 Americans DIED, scale event? A Pearl Harbor, where 2,400 Americans DIED, scale event? As usual neither Friedman nor CNN provide any information whatsoever on exactly what “Russia hacked our election” even means.

Did Russia somehow take control of voting machines causing votes cast for Hillary to instead be registered for Trump? Did Russia send emails to millions of Americans encouraging them to contribute money to Trump’s campaign? What?

Thomas Friedman isn’t just some nobody, either. He is considered one of the grand statesmen of the American media. Coastal liberals rush to read his column and buy his books.

Yet Friedman, despite actually living in New York City, casually compares unsubstantiated rumors (not facts) that Russia “hacked the election” (whatever that even means) to the death of 3000 people.

Not to mention the injuries suffered by victims and first responders, the grief experienced by thousands of families, the multi-billion dollar destruction of property, the psychological harm 9/11 did to who knows how many individuals…

Donald Trump has taken to referring to “the failing New York Times as if it is one word. The Times claims that, on the contrary, their subscription numbers are actually up since the election, but then again:

Can you trust a single word they say?

Source: Allen B. West

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