SHOCK POLL: Seismic Shift Under Donald J. Trump. Americans Are Now Actually…

Are happy days here again?

Well, if you are inclined to believe the latest poll results, they just might be…at least for one very large group of Americans.

Over the course of February 5-7, YouGov asked hundreds of Americans a broad swath of questions about their feelings on the state of the nation under President Trump.

The results are nothing less than shocking. The historic size of the swing is unlike anything ever seen in modern polling, as YouGov reports…

In general, Republicans are very happy about the first few weeks with a GOP President. Their mood has changed for the better: just a year ago in the Economist/YouGov Poll 86% of Republicans thought the country was off on the wrong track; now, 61% say it’s heading in the right direction.

That is a 111 point swing! Or as President Trump calls it, “Winning!”

Driving these positive results are two issues. More Americans approve of Trump’s handling of national security and the economy, the two most important things on voter’s minds.

…the President receives overall positive marks in two key areas — his handling of the economy and his handling of terrorism (both seen as very important issues). 43% approve of his handling of the economy, and 32% disapprove. On terrorism, the poll shows 42% approving and 37% disapproving.

Among Republicans, the numbers are even more dramatic…

The percentage of Republicans who expect there will be more jobs in six months has risen from 9% to 67% in the same time, and just about half of Republicans today think the economy is getting better.

What is clear from this poll is that Republicans believe that Trump is keeping his promises and they are loving it.

They feel safer and more optimistic about their own economic future.

Trump is, however, deeply polarizing with Democrats disapproving at about the same rate that Republicans are approving. Which means, as always, the battle is for the soft middle.

The good news is that left has so completely marginalized itself with its absurd antics that most of the soft middle is willing to give Trump a chance because the alternative is so terrible.

If Trump can deliver on jobs while keeping America safe, he will win the middle and might bring a long a few more blacks and Latinos too.

That will leave the nutty left that has forgotten how to win votes anyway, completely locked out of power for years to come. Here’s to hoping!

Here is an update on all the latest Trump news including latest poll numbers…

Source: YouGov, Trump Breaking News Network

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