After Jobs Speech, Donald Trump Gets YUGE Surprise Support…No One Expected THIS!

It looks like at least some of the media and politicians are finally understand Trump’s appeal.

Many Americans got on the Trump train long ago, quickly realizing he is America’s last best hope for a better future.

But the truth is the American people have always been more insightful and capable than the media elite. They are so mired in liberal dogma and policies they can barely see straight. Washington politicians are no better. They’ve had a comfy setup in D.C. for years, they forget how to think for themselves.

Since Trump’s decisive trade speech on Tuesday, a few are starting to see he is the clear choice for president. His outlined plan to restore American trade and manufacturing have pundits and Republicans cheering. They praised his efforts, confident in the facts and proof of his argument. Few, really, can stand up to Trump when he is on point and using the facts (spoiler: Hillary can barely stand up on her own).

Breitbart details CNN’s Dana Bash’s surprising praise…

“I’m in the Capitol right now and you can almost hear Republicans here exhaling as they listened to this speech…[T]he fact that he gave such a detailed, such a cogent policy—pure policy—speech on an issue that is his sweet spot—there is no doubt about it— is exactly the kind of thing that Republicans have been begging him to do.”

They’re calling it a “new” Trump campaign, which is just their way of covering up how badly they’ve gotten it so far. Only now are pundits realizing Trump’s effectiveness and momentum, so they have to frame it to their advantage.

Sorry, folks, but this has been Trump all along. You’re sabotage tactics to bring him down have failed, so now you need to save your own faces as you say nice things about him. Trump has been running a strong, unapologetic campaign, built around a clear agenda. Every stump speech, every rally, has unified Americans of all stripes behind him.

Yes his most recent speech established some strong points and will most certainly get him more support. But this is the Trump American has been following for a year. The media is only now learning this.

Source: Breitbart

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