Trump Praises This Great American..Is STUNNED When He STANDS UP In The Audience!

“And that’s why Trump won.”

After President Trump did something completely extraordinary at his rally in Florida on Saturday, his supporters on social media found themselves typing that phrase again and again.

They were referring to an out of nowhere, unscripted moment during that event that took everyone — including its “star” — by surprise.

When it happened, the media and other Trump haters just couldn’t stop themselves from making fun of Trump’s unusual gesture, and the man he chose to honor.

That Donald Trump would ask a total stranger in the vast audience to join him on stage was widely mocked as idiotic and baffling, and the stranger himself was singled out for ridicule as well.

And just as quickly, the president’s defenders surveyed this selection of cynical putdowns, and pointed out the obvious:

It was precisely this condescending out of touch snobbery from the Left that had helped Trump win the Oval Office in the first place.

Here’s the story:

After Trump had taken the stage, he hammered the media for being part of “the corrupt system.” But he stopped his speech after seeing a face he recognized on TV, earlier.

The face belonged to a man who was first in line at the rally, and he’d be waiting to see Trump since 4:00 a.m.

The president pointed him out in the crowd and said:

“I saw this man on television just now. He said I love Trump. Let Trump do what he has to do. That’s my guy right there.”

The only people in attendance who weren’t thrilled with what happened next were probably the Secret Service:

The president invited the man up on the stage, and he didn’t shake his hand — he hugged him!

The man was overwhelmed but at Trump’s insistence, said a few words at the podium, to huge cheers.

Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pretend to be “of the people,” but can anyone imagine them doing something similar, at least spontaneously and not stage managed beforehand?

Some might call Trump’s decision reckless but he didn’t get this far by being completely scripted and rehearsed. For his supporters, it was an exciting highlight from an already high energy rally, and no doubt many hope that one day they too will be picked out of the audience!

The only downside? Watch for leftists to try to ruin this man’s life like they tried to do with Joe the Plumber. The politics of personal destruction are a liberal specialty.

Fortunately, this fellow also has countless strangers who will have his back, no matter what happens next.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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