Trump Just Received Some UNEXPECTED Praise…Who And Why Will SHOCK You!

Donald Trump has already done a lot of things considered impossible.

As an outsider, he’s successfully run a political campaign. He’s garnered the support of millions of voters, set voting records in states, and driven established politicians out of the race.

But most shocking is the growing support he’s receiving from liberal journalists.

We recently discussed an article from CBS News that admits Trump can beat Hillary. Now it looks like another established liberal journalist is praising the business mogul.

Michael Hirsh, a notable liberal writer for Newsweek, National Journal, and now Politico, had some surprisingly supportive words about Trump and his foreign policy.

From Breitbart:

[A]s most of the MSM was busy flailing away, as usual, at Trump, Hirsh raised eyebrows when he published a provocative article headlined, “Why George Washington Would Have Agreed With Donald Trump/ Watch Out, Hillary: The Founding Fathers would have loved ‘America First,’ and they might have been right.”

Hirsh’s article discusses how much America has overextended itself in regards to our foreign spending. In light of the billions we’re investing overseas, our economy looks weak and pathetic.

Hirsh compares Trump to the founder fathers, because they endorsed a policy that put the American people first, keeping a distance from foreign interests.

Trump is also correct in suggesting that the current global system is an aberration in American history, that it may not be sustainable forever under current conditions, and that America should focus more on fixing our own economic house for a long time to come … The U.S. share of global defense spending has soared to more than a third of the total, while the American economy has dropped in size to one-quarter of global GDP; America spends more in total than the next seven largest countries combined: China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Britain, India, France and Japan. And to what end exactly? No one can quite say. 

Shocking numbers to be sure. And the question Hirsh raises needs to be answered.

Why are we spending so much overseas? What are we accomplishing exactly, when we throw taxpayer dollars at other countries?

The world is rife with terrorism. There is a refugee crisis creating instability in Europe. Meanwhile countries like China and Mexico are benefiting economically while we suffer.

It’s clear it’s time for a change in U.S. foreign policy. The American people know it, that’s why so many are backing Trump.

Hirsh is by no means endorsing Trump, but his clear support of the candidate’s policy shows how much impact the businessman is making.

Don’t be surprised if, in the coming months, more traditionally liberal individuals begin to speak up for Trump. It may seem like the world turned upside down. Perhaps it’s been upside down for too long.

Source: Breitbart

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