BOOM! Trump Drops AWESOME New Video…Hillary Is Going To HATE This! [WATCH]

Despite the shameful results of FBI Director James Comey’s investigation, we know for a fact that Hillary Clinton lied about what she did with her email server. Time and again she asserted she never sent classified information on the unsecured, illegal server. Even Comey announced that was wrong.

The woman signed a legal document, attested–under pain of perjury–that she never sent classified information on her server. That was a lie.

But is she suffering the repercussion of lying under oath? Of course not.

But Donald Trump is not sitting down over this.

From The American Mirror:

This morning’s damning analysis of Hillary Clinton’s actions related to her personal email server and her now disproven claims are the subject of a brutal new video released by the Donald Trump campaign.

The video clearly exposes that not only Hillary lied about sending classified documents, but how she jeopardized the safety of American people by sending them on an unsecured server.

The video, along with many others, can be seen on Trump’s Facebook page.

Source: The American Mirror

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