Obama Attacks Trump…Donald’s BRILLIANT Response Will Have You CHEERING!

“When you’re taking flak, that means you’re over the target.” The expression originated with WWII fighter pilots, but anyone who’s engaged in a political debate has heard it, too.

Put differently: If you find yourself facing a barrage of insults and outrage after making a particularly devastating argument, that means you’ve struck an opponent’s nerve. Congratulate yourself.

Certainly Donald Trump is no stranger to furious “flak,” although this year he’s taken more than in the rest of his life, combined. He recognizes desperate, wounded enemies when he sees them.

Breitbart.com reports:

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is responding to President Barack Obama, who while overseas said foreign leaders are rattled by Trump.

“When you rattle someone, that’s good because many of the world, many of the countries in our world…have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us,” Trump responded to Obama’s comment during a press conference in Bismarck, North Dakota. “If they’re rattled in a friendly way…that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.”

“He is a man who shouldn’t be really airing his difficulties and he shouldn’t be airing what he’s airing where he is right now,” Trump added about the President. “He has not done a good job.”

“President Obama, you see what’s happened… we’re a divided country… we’re going to solve those problems,” the New Yorker vowed.

Why Obama thought his comments could damage Trump’s presidential bid is a mystery.

The average Trump voter cares very little about the opinions of “foreign leaders.” And if they’re “rattled,” well, that’s just more proof that Trump is the right man to lead the Republicans back to the White House.

Credit: Breitbart.com

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