Over 400 Syrians Settled In US Since Orlando…Trump’s Response Is EPIC!

It’s a chilling statistic: In the time period immediately following the Islamic terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Florida, more than 400 Muslim “refugees” were allowed to enter America.

Never mind that the Islamic State has vowed time and again to infiltrate the West by sending terrorists to Europe and beyond disguised as refugees.

And even though Christians are the ones being persecuted in Syria and the surrounding region, the vast majority of “refugees” being admitted to the West lately are Muslims — the same group as the perpetrators, not the victims.

According to Political Insider, only one American leader seems willing to stop this insanity:

A bombshell report is out that since the deadly Islamic attack on Sunday in Orlando, Florida, President Barack Obama’s federal government has allowed 441 Syrian Islamic refugees into America.

That means there are hundreds of refugees who haven’t had background checks and could be linked to radical Islamic groups and now have just entered within the past two days.

In response, conservative businessman and GOP presidential nominee [Donald Trump] posted the report [on Twitter] with a four word response: “NOT ON MY WATCH!” And it’s going viral.

It is approaching 100,000 likes and more than 19,000 shares as of Friday afternoon. And for good reason!

It’s horrifying to know that only 5 of those refugees who entered were Christian. It’s clear that Trump agrees with the majority of Americans who believe something must be done, and there’s no reason to allow these potentially dangerous refugees into American states. America is already at high-risk for attacks, and there’s no reason to make it worse.

The first step to defeating the Islamic State (ISIS) is putting an end to importing Islamic refugees.

Source: The Political Insider

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