BREAKING: Trump Reveals The 1 Thing He Would Do That Would FORCE Mexico To Pay For Border Wall

One of Donald Trump’s earliest and most popular claims is that he is going to build a wall between Mexico and the United States and he will make Mexico pay for it.

Many critics scoffed at this claim and pointed out that Trump never specified how he would force Mexico to foot the bill.

Now he has released his plan and it has raised as many questions as it answers.

From the Washington Post:

Donald Trump says he would force Mexico to pay for a border wall as president by threatening to cut off the flow of billions of dollars in payments that immigrants send home to the country, an idea that could decimate the Mexican economy and set up an unprecedented showdown between the United States and a key regional ally.

The article continues…

The proposal would jeopardize a stream of cash that many economists say is vital for Mexico’s struggling economy. But the feasibility of Trump’s plan is unclear both legally and politically, and it would test the bounds of a president’s executive powers in seeking to pressure another country.

Source: Washington Post

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