BOOM! Great Poll News For Donald Trump…SHOCKING Collapse For Clinton

For months Republicans fretted about Donald Trump’s high negatives, but since winning the nomination those numbers have been improving.

At the same time, Hillary Clinton has been in free fall as new scandals emerge, Sanders pounds away and Bill’s rapey ways come back into focus. Add Trump’s broadside attacks and Clinton is taking on water.

Now we have crossed a major threshold…Donald Trump is now more popular than Hillary Clinton!

FOX News reports on their poll findings…

A record 61 percent have a negative view of the likely Democratic nominee, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday.  That’s up from 58 percent in March. 

Fifty-six percent have an unfavorable view of Trump — though that’s actually good news for Donald.  Because it was 65 percent two months ago (that was a record high). 

Source: FOX News

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