BOOM: Trump Can Ruin Hillary For Good…With Just One Move!

At his post-election “Thank You Tour” rallies, Donald Trump fans chant “Lock her up,” just as they did during his campaign appearances.

However, Trump noticeably demures now, usually saying something like, “We beat her” — meaning his opponent Hillary Clinton — “That’s enough.”

He has also backed off his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the former Secretary of State and how she used her position to secure multi-million dollar “donations” to the Clinton Foundation.

While this is exactly the opposite of what most Americans are calling for, Trump may have a genius play up his sleeve.

Michael Graham of the Weekly Standard has a suggestion for the president-elect:

The latest Fox News poll shows 68 percent of Americans say President Obama should not pardon Hillary Clinton on his way out of the White House, and I agree. Donald Trump should do it.

One his very first day, with his very first pen, President Trump should sign his very first presidential proclamation: “We must put the politics of the past aside and unify our country. Therefore, for the many, many crimes and misdeeds she committed while Secretary of State, I hereby pardon Hillary Rodham Clinton.” The left will never forgive him. (…)

Who are the only people who need a pardon?

Answer: Guilty people.

Graham insists that most Americans want to move into the Trump era and start fresh. This was the same reasoning behind President Gerald Ford’s pardon of his predecessor, Richard Nixon.

He says a presidential pardon, which, again, ironically imputes guilt, will make Hillary Clinton “the O.J. Simpson of politics” — a criminal who got away with it. While it would let her go scot free in the legal sense, Graham says, it will also brand her forever as unelectable.

It’s an audacious gambit. In that sense, it’s almost believable that Trump could pull it off.

Source: Weekly Standard

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