BOOM – Trump Sends Out 1 Fundraising Email…Then This HAPPENS!

At the beginning of the week, we were inundated with reports from the liberal media that Trump was done. They cited his low campaign funds at the end of May, a paltry $1 million, compared to Clinton’s $43 million. They tried to make this “news” sound like an indictment on his campaign. If he can’t raise funds, how could he continue to run?

But they were all foolishly premature. While Clinton gets money from foreign donors and elitists in Hollywood, Trump resorted to acquiring funds from the millions of passionate Americans who believe in his campaign.

And the results were simply amazing.

From Allen B West:

Donald Trump and his joint fundraising committee have raised at least $11 million since Tuesday morning, Republicans said Wednesday, a tremendously quick haul that comes amid concerns about his fundraising ability.

Trump Victory, the joint fundraising account with the Republican National Committee, and Trump’s official campaign raised $5 million online since Tuesday morning, when it sent one of its first fundraising pitches to its email list, according to Sean Spicer, an RNC spokesman.

That’s just in two days. Imagine what will happen after just a week or so of fund raising. Americans flocked to Trump because of his primary pledge to self-fund. He trounced every established Republican politician to become the nominee. Now he is poised to upset the Democrats by defeating their crowned wicked witch. Of course the American people will pay to see that happen.

Trump has an advantage too in that he receives more bang for his buck. The most recent data I could find was as of the end of March, which showed that Hillary had spent $14.46 per vote in the Democrat primary, while Trump had spent only $4.28 in the Republican primary per vote. In other words, he’s over three times more efficient with his cash (perhaps due to the immense free media attention he receives).

Make no mistake: this election will not come down to who has more money (Trump would win that, hands down anyway). It will come down to the American people waking up, and ousting failed, liberal polices. We do not want four more years of destructive agendas, which will be far worse than anything Obama has done.

We want our country to be strong again. We want to pry it free from tyrannical liberals and established Washington cronies. And we are willing to send money to a man who can do that.

Source: Allen B West

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