Wow: Trump Sends Shocking Message To Media…Americans Are Cheering!

The 2016 Presidential Election has proven that things have changed. Donald Trump won by an electoral landslide, showing that despite a concerted effort by the media to destroy him, he was able to connect to the American people.

With January 20 coming very soon, Donald Trump will have the great task of leading a nation almost crippled by corrupt globalists, liberal news outlets, and insider politicians. He will have to use bold tactics to right this ship and redefine what it means to be president in the 21st Century.

That means continuing to use new sources of communication to reach the American people, circumventing the traditional media who would try to undermine his leadership.

From IJR:

“Business as usual is over” for the press covering the White House, Donald Trump’s incoming press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Thursday.

Spicer indicated that Trump and his administration won’t feel beholden to traditional media practices and will continue to bring their message directly to the American people using social media and other practices.

Trump’s dismissive attitude toward the press surely is worrisome to many reporters who spent countless hours over the last eight years cultivating relationships and fighting for access under the left-leaning Obama administration. It seems the next four years — at least — will go a little differently.

The President-elect’s heavy use of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets since the election has allowed him to connect with Americans without the need of press conferences or the slanted interpretations of the media.

He doesn’t need to rely on the New York Times, CNN, or Fox News to get his message to Americans. He and his administration will talk directly to citizens, removing the untrustworthy middle man.

Gone are the days where we only get a 5 second clip of a press briefing at the end of the nightly news. We will be told first what’s going on in our country, thanks to the unrestricted power of social media.

We will have upfront access to our president via YouTube speeches, up-to-the-minute Tweets, and in depth Facebook posts. The corrupt media will no longer be able to edit statements and twist our leaders’ words.

Make no mistake: the traditional media will fight this tooth and nail. They will make it seem like a very bad idea. But that’s just because they’ve lost.

Source: IJR

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