Trump Sets Booby Trap For Self-Absorbed Media—They Tumbled Right Into It

If you live in a glass house, don’t throw rocks. As an aside to that ancient piece of wisdom, don’t have the audacity to get all hot and bothered when your rock-throwing ways leads others to start throwing boulders at you.

President Donald Trump threw a quarry full of stones back at the mainstream media on Tuesday night in Phoenix, and it was nothing short of epic.

After being verbally tarred and feathered for days, Trump set the record straight while getting a whole bunch of stuff off of his chest.

Unsurprisingly, members of the press refused to take a big old spoonful of their own medicine quietly.

The Daily Wire shares what went down.

So, on Tuesday night in Phoenix, President Trump — falling in the polls and under severe fire from Right and Left over his handling of Charlottesville and Afghanistan — launched into the one target that unites his base: the media. Repeatedly, Trump ripped into their patriotism, their ability, and their honesty. He called “the failing New York Times … so bad.”

He called The Washington Post a “lobbying tool for Amazon.” He said CNN was “so bad and so pathetic, and their ratings are going down.” He tore into “Little George Stephanopoulos.” He said that the media “don’t like our country. I really believe that,” and that they don’t “want to make our country great again.”

Trump’s epic speech was a precursor to to some of the evening’s more entertaining events.

The mainstream media went into complete meltdown mode.

Panelists on CNN pontificated endlessly about Trump’s mental health, while MSNBC’s lawrence O’Donnell would laughably cut into the president’s speech to ‘set the record straight’ while the media was being assailed.

That’s just a small sampling, as shock and faux outrage from the so-called elitists ruled the day on social media, and gobs of space on the interwebs was devoted to lengthy and nonsensical rants from the aggrieved press.

All this does is help Trump. That’s because while the media fulminate over Trump’s supposed insanity, the Right chortles at the media’s discomfort. Most of the Right agrees that the press has been dishonest about its own objectivity, and that the press routinely castigates Republicans. F

urthermore, the Right generally agrees with Trump that the media’s response to him has been unhinged — that they react emotionally to his very presence, and that they aren’t offended by his penchant for untruth so much as his willingness to slap them in the face.

That assessment is spot on. The press has had a veritable field day at Trump’s expense, and a countless number of lines have been crossed along the way.

Valid criticism of the president is fair game, but the press continually crosses the line into vicious and personal attacks against the commander-in-chief.

Whatever happened to respecting the office of the president?

That’s nonexistent in the eyes of an overwhelming majority of the mainstream press, and they’ve allowed their ingrained bias to bury anything resembling objectivity on their end.

Trump’s not alone in feeling that way. As much as the press wants to insist that Main Street America is up in arms over Trump, that’s nothing more than another story arc in its anti-Trump narrative.

The media has been exposed, and the elitists have no one to blame but themselves.  

Source: The Daily Wire  

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