Trump Sets Record Over Obama, Saves Americans Millions

Under President Trump, we are experiencing win after win.

Our economy is rebounding, stocks are up, and illegal immigration and terrorism is declining. Trump is making good on his promises.

But what can the democrats say? Not much, only things that expose their own ignorance and stupidity.

From Conservative Tribune:

When gas prices hit $2.23 on July 4, they set a 12-year record — and one President Donald Trump’s administration can brag about.

“The last time gas prices were this cheap for the Independence Day holiday was 2005,” the American Automobile Association announced that morning. “Today’s price is three cents less than a week ago, 15 cents less than a month ago and four cents less than this day a year ago.”

Yet New York Sen. Chuck Schumer seemed completely oblivious to this when he appeared Sunday on ABC’S “This Week” to talk about the Democrat Party’s flawed plan for winning back voters.

Apparently, the plan involves changing “the way companies can merge” because allowing large oil companies to merge, as an example, hurts workers and prices, Schumer claimed. He based this theory on his inaccurate belief that gas prices never drop.

“They know that gas prices are sticky — you know, when the domestic price goes, uh, when the, uh, price for oil goes up on the markets, it goes right up but it never goes down,” he said. “How the heck did we let Exxon and Mobil merge?”

Right. Now is the time to bicker about companies merging. Because that’s what the country is worried about.

Is Schumer really that stupid, that he hasn’t noticed that gas prices are going down? Or does he think we’re all stupid and don’t notice the drop in prices?

Either way it shows you the lack of understanding and intelligence coming from the left. They refuse to acknowledge the victories of Donald Trump and can only resort to old schemes to win back voters.

Sorry, Chucky, your time is over.

As usual, the flip-flopping dope was wrong on all counts.

For one, because oil prices vary daily, weekly, monthly and annually…

Second, it’s not necessarily true that mergers negatively affect workers and consumers.

“The effect of mergers on consumers can be positive or negative, depending on the industry and the market competition,” notes The Houston Chronicle.

Last but not least, complaining about gas company mergers and allegedly high gas prices as gas prices are in fact dropping makes Schumer look like a complete fool.

It’s amazing how incredibly inaccurate Schumer is, on national television. But will most outlets call him out on this fact? Will the media expose his stupidity or blatant deception? Probably not.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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