Obama Throws A Fit…Trump Shuts Him Down As Only He Can! – BOOM!

The rhetoric coming from soon-to-be-gone President Obama is becoming too much to stomach. He’s been spewing ignorant, destructive nonsense for eight years, deepening the gap between Americans of different races.

He’s spewed dangerous rhetoric defending and apologizing to Muslim groups, who actively preach jihad from their mosques. He tries to pit hard-working Americans against the rich, while he aids companies in sending their factories and jobs overseas.

Finally we have someone running for office who will put Obama in his place. Even though Trump should and does focus his efforts on exposing the corruption of Hillary Clinton, he needs to take time to confront the current president over the ridiculous things he is saying.

From Conservative Tribune:

President Barack Obama shamed himself when he addressed the nation about Sunday morning’s terror attack at the nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Most notably, he addressed those who have criticized him for not referring to the attack as “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Obama defended himself and claimed that using the term did nothing to combat radical Islamic terrorism. During his temper tantrum, Obama said labels were pointless because they did nothing to intimidate the enemy.

Donald Trump told supporters in North Carolina Tuesday that Obama seemed to be angrier at him than he was the Florida gunman, according to Newsmax.

“I watched President Obama today,” Trump said. “And he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter — and many people said that.”

“The level of anger, that’s the kind of anger that he should have for the shooter and these killers that shouldn’t be here,” he added.

What a shameful indictment. But Trump is 100% right. Obama’s values are so backwards that he attacks a fellow American, one trying to restore the dignity of this country, instead of focusing the blame on the vile terrorists who want to destroy our country.

Remember when terrorists threatened our country during Bush’s administration? We went after terrorists. We didn’t waste time with pointless political rhetoric. The entire government, Democrats and Republicans, supported efforts to strike back at radical Islamic terrorism. Many attempts at attacking the West were thwarted.

Under Obama’s administration? We’ve had FOUR terror attacks within six months (Paris, Belgium , San Bernardino, and Orlando).  Two on American soil! That is pathetic, that is shameful, that is unacceptable.

Trump is right. Obama has failed us.  He will most certainly leave office in disgrace.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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