Trump Takes Huge Step to End the Genocide of American Babies…It’s HAPPENED!!!

It’s safe to say that Obama’s reign of terror is over.

Yes, he’s been out of office for months now, but his influence in our country still hovers like a black specter of doom.

Policies he put into plan have to been overturned. Often new legislation has to be drafted to reverse the evils of his agenda. Such is the case of terrible programs like Obamacare, which is one day be eliminated.

Over the course of his time in office, Obama pushed to take greater control over not only private citizens’ lives, but the will of the states. While we have a federal government that unites us, each state has its own will and plan, based on what its people want.

But Socialist Comrade Obama frequently violated the will of states by forcing federal control over many issues. His intentions on turning America into a liberal cesspool inspired him to abuse his executive office, particularly over issues that many Americans despise.

Thankfully we have a president that actually listens to the American people and actually respects the rights of the states. Funny, it feels so strange.

From Louder with Crowder:

Remember just a few months ago when former president Obama pulled the douchiest of moves by pushing a last-minute rule that forced states to fund abortion? It essentially ensured abortionists like Planned Parenthood would get a chunk of states’ budgets regardless of the states’ actual desires or consent. Well, that didn’t last very long. Trump tossed the rule in the trash…

President Trump on Thursday signed a bill to nix an Obama-era rule that blocked states from defunding healthcare providers for political reasons.

Republicans used the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to roll back the regulation, which former President Obama signed during his final months in office.

Republicans argue that reversing the rule gives states the power to decide how they want to distribute Title X funding, while Democrats say it’s just another push to hurt Planned Parenthood.

Obama and the democrats have always tried to force their agenda on the American people, whether we liked it or not. They were so much concerned with respecting our rights and opinions over their goal to turn the United States in 1984.

So Obama’s actions in forcing states to fund an evil organization that murders babies? Sounds about right. His choice to push this policy just before he leaves, hoping nobody will notice? Sounds about right, too.

But Trump isn’t a pushover. He has made eliminating abortion a major goal of his campaign and he has already attacking it like gangbusters.

The liberal establishment will squeal and panic, but they have no say anymore. The will of pro-lifers will finally be heard from the White House to Congress.

Hopefully soon we will see an end to abortion once and for all.

Source: Louder with Crowder

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