REVEALED! Donald Trump Just Dropped A Bombshell…”Here Is How I Will Beat Hillary Clinton…”

With the conventions close at hand and speculation on the rise, the presidential race is kicking into high gear.

The nominations are all but decided, with most people expecting Hillary Clinton to beat out Bernie Sanders for the Democrats.

We know Donald Trump will be running for the GOP.

The fight between Clinton and Trump will no doubt be a fierce one. Both candidates are hungry for the crown.

Speculation abounds that Clinton’s big donors will aid her with almost $2 billion. Trump has been reported working with Republican donors to amass funds to crush his rival.

Now we are hearing he has another potential strategy to raise money to fuel his campaign.

From Fox News:

Donald Trump suggested Sunday that he might have to “sell a building” from his real estate empire to finance a general election run, amid reports that wealthy GOP donors won’t support his bid and Trump’s repeated vows that the donor class won’t “control” him.

“These are people who won’t have access to the White House,” Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends Weekend.” “They want to have control over me. … I don’t want people telling me what to do.”

Trump said Sunday that he financed his primary campaign with millions of his own money and small-dollar donations. He also said he has borrowed against his own assets and that he is working with Washington Republicans to raise money, but acknowledged the tremendous cost of a general election race.

“To finance a billion dollars I would have to sell a building,” he said. “Will I do that? I could. I have the option of doing it.”

Are Trump’s buildings really worth a billion dollars? Selling some of his property could go a long way in reaching that goal, unless he plans on selling his impressive Trump Tower in New York. That could be well worth a billion.

This kind of move is aggressive. Trump has asserted he won’t be owned by anyone, even if that means rejecting big donations. His willingness to sell a valuable piece of property could be a sign that he’s sticking to that pledge.

Source: Proud Conservatives

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