Wow: Trump Stuns With Press Secretary Pick…He’s The Voice Of The Trump Administration!

As the year comes to a close, conservatives wait with excitement to see just who Donald Trump will pick to put in his cabinet next. With his list of positions filling up quickly, he now turns his attention to choosing the senior communications team members.

His announcement of White House press secretary came along with his announcement of other positions such as; director of communications, director of social media and director of strategic communications.

Trump said during his announcement that his pick for press secretary played a huge role in his campaign and as well as in his transition to the White House.

According to Fox News Trump has chosen Sean Spicer, Republican Party communications chief,  to be the voice of the Trump administration.

Spicer was thought to have the inside track for the job, in part because of his ties to incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, who currently runs the Republican National Committee.

Spicer worked alongside Priebus throughout the 2016 campaign as chief strategist and communications director at the RNC.

After the news was announced, Spicer thanked the incoming president for the “amazing honor.”

We couldn’t agree more Sean. Having Donald Trump pick you to represent his presidency is a huge honor. And we know that Sean has the experience for the job.

A commissioned officer in the Navy Reserves, Spicer previously served as Assistant United States Trade Representative (USTR) for Media and Public Affairs under the George W. Bush administration, and worked for the House Republican Conference before that. 

You can’t have much better qualifications than that.

Source: Fox News



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