Report: Trump Supporters TARGETED…’Tolerant Liberals’ Launch SICK Attack!

Liberal Chicago isn’t known for much of anything positive these days. It’s a city with massive numbers of gang violence casualties as well as corrupt Democrats bankrupting the city.

For Suzanne Monk and her husband, they decided they’d had enough and openly backed Trump for president.

But the so-called tolerant liberals in their area can’t seem to stomach those with differing political opinions and have made it their mission to harass the Monk’s out of town.

Their small business, Worlds of Music Chicago, became the target of threats from the liberal community. They have not only tried to intimidate the Monk’s with boycotts and verbal abuse, they’ve threatened anyone that even tries to do business with them.

The persecution has become so severe that the Monk’s are closing their doors in the coming month.

From CBS Chicago:

Monk says the store will not only become strictly mail order, but will also relocate.

“It’s kind of bullying, it’s kind of violent, it’s getting out of hand because we aren’t stopping little incidences and maintaining the peace.”

She says Chicago has become a city of fear, hate, division and bullies.

Monk says she hopes to move some place where they can help make America great again.

It’s rich hearing liberals in Chicago denouncing these small business owners for their political opinion while refusing to acknowledge how much their own policies have destroyed their city.

Where are the calls for boycotts of Democratic businesses for their part in the gun crisis in Chicago? The left’s strict anti-gun laws have left law-abiding citizens defenseless against the gangs that run the city.

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Ask any Chicago liberal and they will continue to blame Republicans for their gun problems, even though a Republican mayor hasn’t been elected in the city since 1927!

Once again, diversity of thought and freedom of speech are more egregious to a left wing lunatic than having one of the highest murder rates in the country.

Here’s hoping the Monk’s are able to move to a city that will embrace not only their business, but their freedom of speech as well.

Source: CBS Chicago


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