Trump Train In High Gear…The Donald Just Got GREAT News That Democrats Will Hate

More good news for Trump.

According to a national poll he has surged in support over Hillary Clinton, coming in just one point below her.

This is a drastic change from just a week ago, signaling a rapid jolt of support for the business mogul.

And we haven’t even ended the primaries yet.

From Reuters:

In the most recent survey, 41 percent of likely voters supported Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, and 40 percent backed Trump, with 19 percent not decided on either yet, according to the online poll of 1,289 people conducted from Friday to Tuesday. The poll had a credibility interval of about 3 percentage points.

The results reflect a big increase in support for Trump since he knocked out U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Ohio Governor John Kasich last week to become the last Republican in the White House race.

If you feel this is still a shockingly high number for a crook like Hillary, keep in mind national polls don’t decide elections.

The president is chosen by the Electoral College, a state-by-state fight. Considering this is only a survey of 1289 people, there is a lot more room for Trump to gain.

As we get closer to election day, be prepared for many shifting polls. The America public will surely be exposed to many campaign ads and have the opportunity to learn more about both candidates.

But just think about it: a few months ago Trump was predicted to fail miserably. He has zero political experience and refuses to hold his punches. Yet he’s gained so much support one of the oldest political families, the Clintons, are forced to contend with him.

More will be decided by other factors, like running mates.

The candidates’ choice of running mates could also be important. Voters surveyed in the poll said they would be more likely to support Clinton if her choice for vice president was a liberal, while Trump would help his chances if he picked someone experienced in politics and someone who is “consistently” conservative.

It’s clear Hillary will pick a candidate that will make the most political sense and help smooth out her tarnished reputation. But you can bet Trump will pick a running mate that will actually do a good job as VP.

He’ll pick someone with experience, knowledge, and competence. He has run a successful business largely in part to putting the right people in the right jobs. Should we expect anything less in a VP candidate?

Keep watching those poll numbers. And don’t be surprised as the tide shifts from “Crooked Hillary” to Trump.

Source: Reuters

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