Trump Gets Surprise Call From World Leader…Liberals Go INSANE!

With Trump’s win to the White House, leaders from around the world have come out to congratulate the man, or express their optimism for working with him in the coming years.

During the campaign, we can recall the many times his rival and the media claimed Trump would be a disaster for our foreign relations. But already we are seeing the opposite to be true. The experienced businessman and expert negotiator will certainly work well with our allies and world leaders.

You can count on better trade deals being made with foreign powers, amicable agreements regarding military strategy, and a general improvement between the U.S. and other countries. After eight years of a president pandering to other countries without fulfilling promises, it will come as a welcome change.

Recently the leader of Taiwan reached out to congratulate Trump on his win, this no doubt as a sign of support from the country. The liberal media was quick to criticize this move, as Taiwan is considered an enemy of Communist China.

Trump defended the move, showing support for a nation harassed by the red dictatorship.

From Town Hall:

President-elect Donald Trump continued to use Twitter Sunday to defend his engagement with the leader of Taiwan, a breach of diplomatic protocol as the U.S. shifted recognition from Taiwan to China nearly 40 years ago.

In a series of evening tweets, Trump groused about criticism that he didn’t work with China ahead of the contact. China considers Taiwan a rogue province.

“Did China ask us if it was OK to carry out a number of actions such as build up disputed islands in the South China Sea or take economic measures hurtful to the United States,” Trump tweeted.

It’s remarkable to see how the left are attacking Trump for being diplomatic and respectful of another nation. It seems the liberal media is defending China, a nation that denies basic human rights to their citizens, persecutes their religious beliefs, and exercises dictatorial control over their lives.

Had it been Obama speaking with Taiwan, you better believe the media would be celebrating it as a sign of the U.S.’s support of the “rogue” province.

But as we’ve seen during the campaign, the media have made themselves enemy number one against Trump. That didn’t work out then. You can count on the next four years being simply disastrous for the mainstream media, as they drive more and more viewers away with their slanted, distorted coverage of the Trump presidency.

Source: Town Hall

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