DAMN! Trump Surrogate BLISTERS The Media…The Donald Is Loving THIS!

Donald Trump endeared himself to many Americans when he skipped off yet another Republican candidate’s debate and hosted a fundraiser for veterans instead.

Lately, Trump’s been accused of not handing over those donations in a timely and responsible fashion.

These reports led even some of his staunchest supporters to suddenly questioning his integrity, and wonder about the sincerity of his commitment to America’s heroes.

Now one of those heroes has come out in Trump’s defense, and he’s not holding back.

At a news conference at New York City’s Trump Tower on Tuesday, the Republican candidate handed the podium over to retired Marine and New Hampshire State Rep. Al Baldasaro:

“I would never ever in a million years put my name on a candidate that did not, from his heart, look me in the eye and tell me he’s concerned about veterans,” Baldasaro declared. “That’s Donald Trump.

“I’ve been involved with many fundraisers. There are many scam artists out there. (Trump) did the right thing by vetting these groups there. If you look at some of the groups that give 20 cents, 40 cents on the dollar, and they’re spending the rest on their nice lavish trips.

“[Trump] gave 100 percent! The liberal media is the only ones that’ve been calling me on the foundation. I’m the former chairman, I’ve been dealing with this stuff for years as a veterans activist.

“Stop using veterans as political pawns. Donald Trump is doing this from the heart. You’re all focused on the way he’s raising money and you’re not looking at the 22 veterans that are killing themselves every day. You’re not concerned about the thousands of veterans on wait lists.”

Believe it or not, Baldasaro was just getting started!

Maybe this will put an end to speculation on this matter once and for all.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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