BOOM – Trump Takes The Lead In PIVOTAL Swing State…Clinton Campaign In FREE FALL!

In recent days, polls have shown the steady erosion of Hillary Clinton as Trump has closed the gap.

It first showed up in national polls where Clinton once led by as many as 12. Today that lead in the RealClearPolitics average is down to just 4! At the same time, the LA Times daily tracking poll now has Trump up by 3.

This week we also saw this trend start to appear in the swing state polls with a clear tightening in Ohio, Michigan and Florida. But it is the latest poll that has to have Clinton in a panic.

Talking Points Memo picks up the story…

But the good news didn’t end there…

The poll found Trump does better with independent voters than Clinton, leading 45-34, with Johnson getting 14 percent of the independent vote. White voters favored Trump over Clinton 63-24, whereas African American voters favored Clinton 75-16 percent

Clinton needs 90% of the black vote to win. The last Republican to perform this well among African-Americans was Bob Dole who scored 14% back in 1996.

Source: TPM

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