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BREAKING: Trump’s First Thanksgiving Address Just Released – Says EXACTLY What America Needs To Hear…
By PJ Editor|November 23, 2016

Donald Trump hasn’t waited to be sworn in to start acting like the President. He just dropped his first (unofficial) Thanksgiving address, using the now-famous flag and window background.

And unlike our current President, he doesn’t take subtle digs at his enemies during┬áspeeches that should be about the country coming together.

WATCH what he said here:

Americans all over the country need to hear his message of unification around a common purpose.

With many people burning down their own neighborhoods, we needed a leader who would make us proud to be American again. Instead of division and race-baiting, someone who would bring people of all backgrounds together.

The American people elected Donald Trump, and so far it looks promising.



PJ Editor
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