Trump To Overturn Executive Orders…But CANNOT Change THESE!!

As presidencies come to an end and a country waits for the president-elect to take seat, the Commander in Chief oftentimes uses what time is left enacting the very last edicts of his regime.

Sometimes that work is full of last-minute tasks; sometimes the work is an attempt to preserve his legacy. Other times, he just has orders that he hopes to float under the radar.

With Donald Trump taking office this January, speculation abounds over which parts of Obama’s work will be left intact, since Trump ran on a platform that promised to undo much of Obama’s disastrous work, most notably Obamacare.

However, these last minute tasks on Obama’s to-do list, may be measures that are not so easily overturned — especially with his legacy in jeopardy.

From Washington Times:

As President Obama runs out the clock on his eight-year tenure, analysts say, he still has plenty of business left undone, and they expect him to follow the lead of other presidents and issue a series of rules, to add to his list of executive orders, to continue his record-setting pace of commutations and perhaps add a controversial pardon or two into the mix…

Truly lame-duck presidents are freed from political concerns, don’t have to worry about other elections and can even help take political heat off their successor — or try to lock in their own policies that their successor might not fully support.

So beyond the executive orders Trump will immediately overturn, we will look to the also-promised significant restrictions put in place to prevent future presidents from abusing EOs. However, acts such as pardons cannot be reversed.

So some have speculated that Obama will use this time to pardon such people as Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, two democrats who have been in the hot seat over Weiner’s sexual crimes.

Some have speculated he will also pardon Hillary Clinton — not likely as she has yet to be charged with crimes.

Source: Washtington Times

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