Trump UNLEASHED — “Nobody Knows America Like…”

The disdain liberals have for working class Americans has been apparent for decades. If you didn’t attend a four-year tier one university, a liberal will treat you as if you’re beneath them.

No one exemplified this more than Obama when he was in office. He said of working class Americans that they were, “clinging to their guns and their religion.”

But that dismissive and elitist attitude has changed with President Trump’s administration. During a meeting with trucking organizations at the White House, Trump commended the people working hard to make this county function.

From Breitbart:

No one knows America like truckers know America,” Trump said. “You see it every day, and you see every hill, and you see every valley, and you see every pothole on our roads that have to be redone, right?”

Trump praised truckers for transporting goods across the nation and keeping America running.

“You love America, and you love the spirit, and we love your spirit, and we want to thank you very much,” Trump said.

The president then vowed to help the truckers suffering under Obamacare, saying that the House would be voting on a bill to repeal the “disaster.”

Trump also did something that delighted the crowd at the White House when he actually stepped inside of the cab of a truck, honked the horn, and closed the door as people laughed and cheered.

It’s refreshing to see our president be unafraid to engage with the people that Democrats have long tried to ostracize and insult.

Truckers and working people across America can once again feel pride in their nation’s leader.

Source: Breitbart

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