Trump Unloads $1.2 BILLION Thunderbolt On US Auto Industry…One Company ROCKS America!

For a long time Americans had to face the indignity of losing manufacturing jobs around the world. As someone growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, it was rare to see anything made in America.

Worse yet was the fact that American-made products were often considered inferior to those made in other countries. While goods made in China were always the very worst, products like American cars, clothes, and home furnishings were often designed to fall apart over time. This kind of planned obsolescence only further harmed our reputation as manufacturers.

The end result is that most of our goods are made somewhere else. The great craftsmen, engineers, and manufacturers of America had little to be proud of. American consumers were forced to pay for goods made in Asia and elsewhere, their dollars going to support foreign countries rather than their neighbors.

This was one of the biggest focuses of Donald Trump’s campaign and perhaps the one that won him support throughout Middle America. He vowed to restore the strength of American manufacturing, not only to bring jobs back, but to restore the dignity of those four words: Made in the U.S.A.

Although it’s still early in his administration, we are already seeing the affect Trump has had on our industries.

From The Detroit News:

Dearborn — Ford Motor Co. will invest $1.2 billion in three Michigan facilities to prepare for production of the all-new Ford Ranger and Bronco, and to support the company’s expansion into mobility.

The company said Tuesday it will invest $850 million to retool its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne for truck and SUV production; $150 million in its Romeo Engine Plant to expand capacity for several vehicles; and $200 million to build a data center at the company’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant.

Ford announced in January the Flat Rock facility also would see a $700 million investment and 700 new jobs to support the production of electrified and autonomous vehicles.

Ford said the Romeo investment will “create or retain” 130 jobs. The company on Tuesday did not say how many jobs would be added as a result of the other two investments. The investments simultaneously support Ford’s strong truck and SUV segments, and the company’s push to cover multiple “mobility” fields through autonomous vehicle fleets and ride-sharing services.

Not only does this mean that Ford will keep and bring in more jobs for Detroit, but an investment such as this means better made products. The money means modern manufacturing tools and equipment, which will undoubtedly result in superior vehicles.

As manufacturing changes, new advancements in technology means more opportunities to build better cars and trucks. New standards increase the quality of the end product, plus it means new opportunities for technicians and computer programmers, not to mention manufacturing staff.

Hopefully this investment will signal other car manufacturers to invest in their American plants. More money pumped into our manufacturing means more jobs and better products. It means that we will have more opportunities to support American businesses and be proud of what we own.

Let’s hope this trend will continue for years to come.

Source: Detroit News

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