BREAKING: Trump Sends Obama A POWERFUL Warning…THIS Got His Attention!

In the waning months of Obama’s Presidency, it looks like everything he tried to accomplish is crumbling.

Despite eight years of terrible leadership, all his policies and measures might be overturned, should a strong conservative leader take his place.

So he’s trying to push his most aggressive, liberal, and destructive policies on the American people he can. From transgender issues to gun rights, Obama is dead set on leaving the worst legacy an American president can imagine.

Even still, it will all be undone, should Trump become the next president. Obama really has one last recourse: go on the campaign trail in support of Hillary.

Although we know Obama and Hillary have an icy relationship at best, she is his best shot at protecting his agenda for years to come.

But not if Trump has anything to say about it.

From Conservative Tribune:

“He’s going to start campaigning. Well, if he campaigns, that means I’m allowed to hit him just like I hit Bill Clinton, I guess, right?” Trump said.

“If he doesn’t, I don’t care. But if he campaigns, and I think he wants to, because he wants to keep this terrible agenda going where everybody is ripping us, where the world is ripping us off,” he added.

“He shouldn’t campaign. He should go out and do the job he’s supposed to be doing, not campaigning,” he concluded, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Obama campaigning in favor of Hillary could be the best thing Trump could ask for. As it stands, Trump has to be careful how he attacks Obama. Sure most of America is dissatisfied with how Obama’s ran the country. A lot of Trump’s support can be attributed due to that. But going directly after an out-going President would be futile, since his rival is Clinton.

But if Obama was foolish enough to step into the ring to help Hillary, going as far as using his position as President to campaign, then Trump’s all in.

There’s little doubt Trump will follow through on his word. He threatened to go after Bill Clinton’s past should he decide to campaign for his wife, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and he made good on that promise with ads that brought up the lies that the Clintons have told for years.

If Obama wants to attack Trump in an effort to get Hillary Clinton elected, then Trump’s going after him, gloves off. Trump will drag out every stupid, dangerous, and un-American thing Obama has done as President. And that list is long.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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