Trump Makes YUGE Healthcare Announcement—Obama, Democrats In Total SHOCK!

The failure of Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill this month was a major cause for celebration by Republicans in the House Freedom Caucus, but immediate panic ensued in the media.

The bill’s similarities to Obamacare were too prevalent to ignore, and Republicans were successful in demanding a better bill be proposed that didn’t provide entitlements to insurance companies.

That unfortunately didn’t stop many Democrats from celebrating the bill’s failure as a win for their side, as if it was their opposition that led to the bill being pulled.  Well Donald has some news for them that has them in tears.

With the gridlock and partisanship in D.C. reaching critical mass, our President appears to be trying a new strategy.

From AP:

Trump is hosting a reception for senators and their spouses at the White House. It attracted both Republicans and Democrats.

He says the bipartisan crowd is “a very good thing” and predicts a deal on health care will happen “very quickly.”

He says: “I know that we’re all going to make a deal on health care. And that’s such an easy one.”

Trump’s confidence on resolving the healthcare issue is reassuring to many Americans.

The president has taken a few shots at the House Freedom Caucus in recent days over their opposition to the bill, but the sour grapes both sides likely felt over the issue appear to be vanishing.

This is clearly not the outcome Democrats were expecting. Instead of Trump folding like a normal politician and accepting the media narrative, he is persisting on behalf of the American people.

Why? Because, lest we all forget, Donald is a master deal-maker.  If he has to strip a few Democrats away from their party to make this solution bipartisan, he will work tirelessly until it happens.

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Trump is also hoping that a more cooperative attitude in Washington can positively affect other issues like infrastructure.

“Hopefully it’ll start being bipartisan. Because everybody really wants the same thing: We want greatness for this country that we love.”

Source: AP

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