WOW! This is Donald Trump’s Biggest Endorsement Yet…Massive Game Changer!

There are not a lot of endorsements that ultimately make a huge difference in presidential election.

But every once in a while, one can represent something more…an inflection point that represents something bigger.

As Donald Trump struggles to bring the GOP together behind his candidacy and with some of the biggest names in the party still refusing to support him, this is especially true. And it is why his latest endorsement is especially important.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott was bound to endorse Ted Cruz when the primary season began.

The two conservative Republicans had been colleagues in the Texas Attorney General’s office, and by all accounts remained friends. During his endorsement speech, Abbott hailed Cruz as a Reagan-esque figure who would “lead us down the right path” at this pivotal time in American history.

That was in February, but it seems like a lifetime ago. With Ted Cruz out of the running, Abbott is now handing his power and influence over to the Donald Trump camp.

According to Breitbart Texas:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said it is time for the GOP to support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He said there was no option to sit it out saying, “We have no second chance to get this right.”

The governor of the Lone Star State explained that the country is at “a tipping point.” “People have to participate if we are going to put America back on the right track,” Abbott said while appearing on CNBC.

When on CNBC, the Texas Governor called Hillary Clinton “nothing more than an extension of the Obama agenda, if not far worse.”


Abbott said, there is “no opportunity to sit it out,” people must participate “if we are going to put America back on the right track.”

Abbott’s endorsement should help boost Trump’s appeal beyond the borders of the Lone Star State. Texas enjoys a well-earned reputation as a place where bull excrement isn’t tolerated outside a corral.

When its governor calls on fellow Republicans to vote for a man as “New York City” as Donald Trump, that has to count for something.

Credit: Breitbart Texas

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