Trump’s Swing State Electors Take Liberals By Surprise…Their Reaction Is Priceless! [Watch]

The campaign to convince Republican electors to not vote for Trump was always a ruse. It was highly unlikely that long-time conservative leaders would choose—due to pressure from radical liberals—to not support their own candidate.

This was simply a sad and pathetic campaign to undermine the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s historic win. Many Democrats have shown over the course of this election that they do not believe in our democracy, as evidenced by the protests, calls for violence and death, and attempts to thwart the electors.

It has been shameful and disgusting, but we always knew it would fail. On November 8, American chose Donald Trump. All the bellyaching in the world wasn’t going to change that.

Not that liberals can understand or appreciate democracy in action.

From IJR:

Wisconsin’s 10 presidential electors on Monday cast their ballots unanimously for President-elect Donald Trump, a sign that the Republican’s confirmation as the next president of the United States is likely imminent.

That reality was apparently highly upsetting for a group of anti-Trump demonstrators who disrupted the Wisconsin electors meeting after the ballots were cast.

The demonstrators shouted at the electors and repeatedly chanted, “Shame.”

“This is my America! You have sold us out! Listen to your hearts,” one of the protesters shouted. “Listen to all of it!”

It’s amazing to see how these people love democracy and our freedoms, but only when it works in their advantage. If conservatives did this to protest a Clinton win, these same liberals would be calling them fascists, sore losers, and enemies of democracy.

Yet for these warped liberals, it’s okay to try to intimidate electors with protests and chants, in hopes of undermining a process that validates the will of the people.

Most of these hardline liberals’ concerns over Trump, though, are based on the biased, dishonest news that has cast the man in an evil light. They really believe he is a racist, sexist, and xenophobe. They think he will go after the gay community and deprive them of their rights. They really believe Putin had anything to do with the election. All despite a shred of evidence.

In the coming years, this group of liberal holdouts will fade away. Most Americans will get on board President Trump’s leadership.

Few will want to stomach this kind of radical stupidity.

Source: IJR

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