Trump’s EPA Chief Just OBLITERATED Liberals…”Global Warming Is NOT Caused By…

Donald Trump was elected president with a vow to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC. This doesn’t just mean getting rid of time serving, job-for-life bureaucrats, high priced lobbyists and slimy politicians on both sides of the political aisle.

This promise also entails getting rid of old ideas that are costing billions of dollars and hampering growth. The most pernicious of these old ideas is that of man-made global warming and specifically, the bizarre idea that carbon is pollution.

Every time we or any mammal exhales, we emit carbon. Trees and other plants need this carbon to survive. The idea that it is pollution is absurd.

More and more scientists are admitting that pinning climate change on carbon is absurd — and even if it were causing global warming, America could ban cars and factories tomorrow and these dreaded carbon emissions from China and India would continue to rise into the atmosphere!

One of Trump’s most ingenious appointments was to pick Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. In the past, Pruitt has been active in trying to more or less shut down the very agency he is now in charge of, and liberals are freaking out over what he said in an interview yesterday:

Of course, the twittersphere lit up with derision, but these critics never seem capable of providing hard evidence. They are content with doing the online equivalent of rolling their eyes, because “everyone knows that human activity is causing a rise in carbon emissions, which in turn is causing climate change.”

Yes, just like “everyone knew” that the earth was flat and that leeches could cure disease.

If Pruitt sticks to his guns and doesn’t turn into another Beltway conformist, then we can look forward to the Trump administration rolling back redundant, job killing EPA regulations, and possibly even tearing up the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. (Which is in fact a massive transfer of First World wealth to the Third World, orchestrated by George Soros and friends.)

But for now, it is enough that Pruitt’s statements are driving liberals around the bend.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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