Trump’s New Homeland Security Candidate Is PERFECT…Dems Just Lost Their MINDS!

Since Election Day, we’ve learned much about Donald Trump’s transition team as they prepare to take over the White House. is releasing news on a daily basis about Trump’s plans once he takes office, the work he and his people intend to accomplish over the next four years, and the people he will appoint to key cabinet posts.

Much speculation and debate has gone on over Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. The left have been merciless with their unwarranted attacks on Trump’s selections, such as Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon. These good, accomplished men have been slandered by the left and mainstream media, despite any evidence to back their claims.

This is because Trump is picking strong, conservative, uncompromising leaders to fill out his cabinet, men and women that will shake up Washington and drain the swamp that is insider games and politics. The left and anyone that has benefitted from this toxic environment have much to be worried about, as the next four years will spell certain doom for their comfy arrangement.

The most recent rumors regarding a Trump’s pick will have them screaming for the hills.

From Joe For America:

Donald Trump is interviewing potential cabinet officers and Milwaukee sheriff Clarke is a possible nominee for the Department of Homeland Security. That sound you just heard is liberals’ heads exploding.

President-elect Trump met with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke last week, and if he’s looking for a long order I to take over Homeland Security he couldn’t have a better pick. Trump also met with Fran Townsend and Mike McCaul for the position.

Nominating Clark would draw a line in the sand with a backhoe when it comes to domestic terrorist groups like #BlackLivesMatter.

Sheriff Clarke has taken a strong stance against groups like BLM, calling them a hate group. The video below shows his stance:

Clarke is celebrated for his no-nonsense stance against crime, offering common sense solutions for fighting terrorism, hate crimes, and other problems facing our nation. Appointing him the head of DHS would bring sweeping changes to how our federal government handles issues like gun control, immigration, and foreign terrorism.

We don’t have definitive word on whether Trump has offered the position to Clarke. But their meeting certainly means the sheriff will play an important role in shaping law and justice in the coming administration.

Source: Joe For America

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