Trump’s Latest Appointee Makes A STUNNING Washington Entrance…No One Expected THIS!

Maybe Donald Trump will be more of a “green” president than his critics on the left would have you believe! At least one of his senior staffers seems to be a fan of alternative, old fashioned forms of transportation…

If asked to name most “badass” Trump administration cabinet official, most Americans would probably name the Secretary of Defense, retired General James Mattis. However, there is a strong argument to be made for another lesser known appointee, due in no small part to the method of conveyance he chose to get to his new job on the first day:

When newly-confirmed Secretary Ryan Zinke arrived for his first day at the Department of the Interior, he arrived in style.

As an avid outdoorsman, a retired Navy SEAL, a Montanan, and a general all around badass, it should’ve been expected that he’d make a statement on his first day in his new role, but the way he chose to do it turned heads across Washington.

Independent Journal Review has learned that Zinke was invited by the United States Park Police (USPP) to ride with them from their stable on the National Mall to the secretary’s new office at the Department of the Interior. He rode Tonto, a seventeen-year-old horse donated to the National Park Service in 2014.

This unforgettable stunt wasn’t altogether unexpected.

Zinke was previously best known for sending out what’s been called “the most American Christmas card ever made,” when he was running for office at the state level back in Montana:

In case there was any doubt left in anyone’s mind, Zinke’s unique method of commuting shows that Trump’s administration will be unlike any other in history.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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