BREAKING: Trump’s Latest Appointment Just Dropped…He’s Giving Green Liberals NIGHTMARES!

Poll after poll shows that average Americans, for better or worse, just don’t care about “climate change.” Of course, they want clean air and water, but those things have nothing to do with “global warming.”

“Carbon emissions” aren’t pollution; humans breathe out carbon day and night. So do plants and animals. Unfortunately, this basic science has been replaced by globalist propaganda about “dying polar bears” and “melting ice caps.”

Donald Trump has been skeptical, to say the least, about the very existence of man-made global warming, and the trillion dollar money grabs designed to “fight” this imaginary problem.

He once tweeted, for example:

And then in 2014:

Now one of his first hires as president elect signals that he intends to oppose the UN leftist elite climate agenda.

Nancy Hayes reports:

Just as Hillary Clinton promised to put coal miners out of jobs, Donald Trump promised the exact opposite. Trump promised to scrap Obama’s Clean Power Plan and reduce regulations on oil, gas and coal. (…)

Looks like Trump’s keeping to his promise as he appointed a top climate-change denier Myron Ebell, to lead the EPA transition team.

Ebell is the Director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute. Ebell has criticized the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan as aggressive regulation that hinders the US economy.

Ebell has also called the recent Paris Climate Accord unconstitutional because treaties need approval by two-thirds of the Senate.

Trump has said he would cancel the agreement anyhow, and cut off payments to other UN climate change schemes.

This news is also rich given one liberal’s recent meltdown over Trump’s win, claiming his life will be cut short by the effects of global warming since Trump will obviously bring on an environmental apocalypse. Right…

Trump’s hiring of Ebell is a reason for optimism. American taxpayers should hope that this is just the beginning of Trump’s rollback of costly “climate change” scams.

Source: Joe for America

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