Trump’s Latest Move Is Just BRILLIANT…Leaves Liberals In A TOTAL Panic!

You have to admit that it’s kinda funny how president-elect Trump doesn’t jump every time the back stabbing media wants to have access to him. He even goes around them at times when he wants get information out that he knows the mainstreamers will spin into a negative.

After all, Trump is the incoming president and the media can just sit on their hands and wait until he’s ready to talk to them. He’s not like Obama who couldn’t hardly manage to go a day without standing in front of a crowd of reporters, pontificating.

Independent Journal Review tells us:

President-elect Donald Trump aggravated his already tense relationship with the press on Tuesday, postponing a Thursday press conference to address potential business conflicts and his Cabinet appointees.

However, he found time on Tuesday to meet with controversial rapper Kanye West. Trump now plans to hold the press conference in January.

The Twittersphere was erupting with tweets from butthurt journalists:

Maybe the media are all feeling kind of snubbed and we and are feeling vindicated about it since the media, basically, crucifies Trump every chance they get.

Well, if they want to interrogate him now, they’ll just have to wait until he’s ready to put up with them!

Source: Independent Journal Review

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